Bike, banjo, baby and blogging

I have an eight month old baby.  That means several things.  I’m pretty tired by the end of the day.  I do a lot of laundry.  I spend a lot of time hanging out with a little pre-verbal person who makes me laugh and tries to eat my face.

Before C was born, I heard so many warnings that my life was going to change so dramatically that I would no longer recognize it, or myself.

You’ll never get a good night’s sleep again.

It will be ten years before you have time to read a book again.

You won’t have any time for yourself, everything is about the baby now.

I started this blog because my husband and I are first time parents who are struggling to do a good job with our baby, while holding on to our passions and individuality.

Pete is a mountain biker, but he would like me to point out that that he is not ONLY a mountain biker.  We have seven bikes in our garage and not one of them belongs to me.  And we’re not storing any bikes for anyone else.  We don’t collect old bikes and restore them for people.  Pete owns seven bikes.  And before anyone comes to the (admittedly logical) conclusion that he’s a big spender, he drives a 2002 Honda Accord.

I play the banjo.  I decided to learn an instrument after I finished university, mostly because I was sick of studying and wanted to do something different.  I bought a banjo at a local music store and drove family members crazy for a few months until I could pick out a recognizable bluegrass song.  Poor them.  They heard a lot of “Cluck Old Hen” and “Old Grey Goose” and “Shuckin’ the Corn” and other banyard tunes.  Sorry, family!

We have lots of other interests, of course.  This blog is going to follow us as we try to keep up with all of these things while raising a wonderful little person.  I’m hoping that as we stumble along we can share some of our successes and missteps.  I’m also hoping that we can get some tips and tricks from readers.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Bike, banjo, baby and blogging

  1. Welcome to the WordPress world Suzanne! I love the new space you’ve created here. I love me some alliteration and am really looking forward to hearing all about how you manage to keep it all together with your beautiful family. I also love that Pete wants it noted that he’s more than a mountain biker and I would like to note that when you moved the bikes not only had their own truck but also a designated moving person. I’m just saying I don’t recall the banjo getting its own special arrangements! Face it you’re a biker, just like the boy is a giant. Sure there’s more to you but it’s funnier this way. Your a blog husband now I suggest embracing it or forming a support group with the Boy. Brilliant first post – keep them coming!

    • Thanks, Meaghan! They should definitely get together to commiserate. Pete tried to argue that the banjo did get its own special arrangements, but that just means that we took it over here before the big moving day with a bunch of other stuff, and I don’t think that counts.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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