Father’s Day

I didn’t manage to post anything on Mother’s Day, but since I was supposed to be lounging around and getting spoiled by Pete and C that day, I don’t feel guilty about it.  I feel even less guilty because, in fact, I was doing very little lounging.

My day started when Pete handed C to me to wish me Happy Mother’s Day and she promptly stuck her chubby little thumb up my nose and gave me a nosebleed.  Luckily, the day got better from there.

Pete looked after the baby for most of the morning while I chatted on the phone with my lovely mom.  He looked completely wiped out by 9:30 am.  Babies are tiring, it turns out.  We then had brunch with some friends and their adorable almost-one-year-old daughter.  And then, I did something that I will remind Pete about for a long, long time.  I let him go for a cross-country mountain bike ride.  On Mother’s Day.  I am a saint.

I kid, though.  He earned it.  He’s a great dad.  And in honour of Father’s Day, I’m going to make quick list about his fatherly awesomeness.

  • He knows who C’s friends are.  That’s a very good indication of how involved he is in her little nine-month-old social life.
  • He only lets her watch TV when there is a downhill mountain bike race on.  See, he cares about her cognitive development, but also about her budding downhill racing appreciation.
  • He thinks C is the cutest baby out there.  Actually, he thinks she’s the cutest lady-baby.  We know a very cute boy baby and Pete thinks he holds the men’s title.
  • When he walks in the door after a long day at work and an hour-long commute, he kisses me and then reaches out for her.  I think that speaks for itself.

C and I are very lucky to have him.

I would also like to wish a very happy Father’s Day to my own fantastic Dad.  He is so amusing and quotable that he deserves his own post.  I’ll be sure to do that soon.

Happy Father’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I am so enjoying your blog! What lovely words (well, minus the nosebleed part- ouch!). He is lucky to have you girls too, not to mention the extended clan he married into 🙂 I am sure he knows this, he is a smart man!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Chantelle! I always wonder whether my blog will be of any interest to anyone other than my mom (who just learned how to use The Google and isn’t quite keeping up with the blogosphere yet), so it’s great that you’re enjoying it. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  2. I’m enjoying your blog too (and I’m a pro at The Google). You do need to do a blog about Dad. Or would you rather drink Nile water? You know what I mean.

  3. I’ll have to ask Dad’s permission, since I only blog about people if they’re okay with it (C’s too young to consent, hence the super-secret code name). But I agree, he’s pretty funny. It would be like Shit My Dad Says, only with less swearing and more false dichotomies.

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