My Horror Dilemma

I love Halloween, because dressing up is fun, of course.  But more importantly, I really, really love horror movies.  The problem I have is that my husband is *not* a fan of such things.  Too scary.  Plummeting down a mountain on a bicycle?  Not scary.  The trailer for Paranormal Activity II?  TOO SCARY.

The real issue here is that I can’t watch them when he’s around.  But when he’s away and I have the house (and DVD player) to myself, well, that is bad news.  My imagination runs away with me.  I don’t sleep.  I imagine ominous figures looming outside my sliding glass doors.  I hear bumps in the basement.  Did I leave that closet door slightly ajar?  Eeek.

And all this horror-movie-induced paranoia of mine is actually making the situation worse.  I have so many cinematically-based fears that I’ve reinforced his belief that scary movies are not a good idea.

Here is a partial list:

-basements (obviously)

-attics (of course)

-old-timey wheelchairs

-music boxes

-stick figures


-pale, serious children

That is only a small sample.  It would be longer if I included books (I could barely function after reading Zodiac).

It’s probably a good thing that Pete is preventing me from exposing myself to these things.  If only he could have stopped me from reading these:

Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “My Horror Dilemma

  1. Dude, I have the same horror movie based fears. That’s probably because we’ve watched all the same movies, often together. Here’s something to freak you out. Guess what room your brother in law’s class is. Yep, you guessed it. Room 237. (insert scary music here). But don’t let that keep you up at night. No sleep and no beer make Suzanne go crazy. (That’s a little bit The Shining and a little bit Simpsons).

  2. No way! How did I not know this until now? Fun fact: in the book, the haunted room is 217, but the owners of the hotel that was used for exterior shots actually had a room 217 and didn’t want people to be scared to stay there, so Kubrick changed it to 237. The more you know.

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