Concerts in a Small Town

Pete and I have been to a few concerts in and around our small town lately.  We like getting out when we can, and live music is always enjoyable.  Pete doesn’t like going to movies, I think because he loves popcorn, can smell the popcorn, but refuses to pay $7 for said popcorn.  So live music it is.

We saw Joel Plaskett in Collingwood, Ontario (where we live) and again in Meaford, which is an even smaller town half an hour west of us.  I love Joel Plaskett, and he put on a great show, but he seemed a bit off.  His usual banter was muted, and he seemed a bit awkward.  He also seemed completely baffled that he was in Meaford, Ontario.

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We didn’t think much of it at the time, because, again, Joel Plaskett’s music is incredible and he put on a great show.  But then we saw another East Coast act, Sloan, and they explained it all.

The lead singer also seemed weirded out to be in Meaford, and asked questions about it.  How is Meaford pronounced?  What do you do here?  Do you know who we are?

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Then he explained that, usually, when they play small towns, about 25% of the audience are fans of the band.  Another 25% recognize some of their songs from the radio (thanks to CanCon) and enjoy some of the big hits.  And the other 50% have no idea who they are and are just there because that was the only thing going on in town that night.  And those people often sit with arms crossed, staring at the band, making said band feel very uncomfortable.

That explained so much!  Thanks, informative members of Sloan.

Pete and I have since seen 54-40 in concert in Meaford, and they also asked how the town’s name is pronounced (it’s Mee-ford, very straightforward).  They completely acknowledged the weirdness of the situation and had fun with it.  Maybe it’s that laid-back British Columbia attitude.  Or the fact that they’ve been playing together since 1981.  Who knows?

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