Outsmarted by a Toddler

When Pete and I learned that we were expecting Baby #2, we were apprehensive, of course.  How would a second baby affect our lives?  We have a nice little family routine going that will be completely turned on its head when the little one arrives.  Little C won’t be the star of the show anymore.  How will she react?  Will she be able to adjust?

Well, we decided to try to tackle some of these issues, rather than just worrying fruitlessly about them.  In order to get C used to the idea of a new baby in our lives, we started to rock and sing to some of her stuffed animals.

“Brilliant,” we thought.  “She’ll see us nurturing something other than her and she’ll get used to the idea that she’ll have to share our attention.”

She would watch us closely while we rocked her animals, singing “Rock-a-Bye Baby” to them.  After a while, she even started to want to rock them herself.  It was working!

Oh no.  That was pride before the fall.  We should have known that nothing with a toddler is that simple.

Now, C insists on being rocked like a baby by both of us.  This is a child who never, ever wanted to be rocked as an infant.  Even before she was able to hold her head up, she wanted to be held in a sitting position, facing out, bouncing, so that she could be part of the action.  Rocking was for suckers.

Now we have a 25+ pound child who can speak in (nearly) full sentences demanding to be held like a baby while we sing lullabies to her.  She’ll demand “Rock baby!  Pleeeeaase!  Rock-a-baby-top!”  (She hasn’t quite figured out the title yet).

We now see how things are going to be around here.  Uh-oh.


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