St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

As a St. Patrick’s Day treat, I decided to make some special cupcakes. I remembered having some amazing Bailey’s Cupcakes that my friend Meaghan made a couple of years ago and emailed her about them. Turns out, she blogged about them, so snagging the recipe was easy.

The cupcakes are Martha Stewart’s Devil’s Food with her Basic Buttercream Icing, plus some Bailey’s Irish Cream.

These cupcakes, while delicious, did not work out exactly the way I envisioned. First of all, Pete picked up Carolans Irish Cream from the liquor store, because it was on sale. Not a big deal. We’re fans of Carolans in our hot chocolate around here.


However, my plan to make these with C evaporated pretty quickly when she decided not to take her afternoon nap.

As “punishment” for not staying in bed for naptime, I told her she wasn’t allowed to help me bake. This sounds harsh as I write it, but it was actually for the best. C has become very sensitive to noise lately (Is this a 2 1/2 thing?) and I had to use my very old, very loud electric mixer a few times. She ended up perfectly happy to play with her Lego a safe distance away from me and my antique mixer.


Once I was finished, she and Pete were more than happy to lick the beaters, however.


The cupcakes turned out well. I wish the icing tasted more like Irish Cream, but Pete said they were perfect.

My frosting job was not perfect, but there is always room for improvement

My frosting job was not perfect, but there is always room for improvement

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