How to Camp Without Your Baby


Step 1: Leave your baby with your wonderful, doting parents. Step 2: Enjoy. So much simpler than camping with one’s baby/toddler. Pete and I were lucky enough to finally have a weekend away, just the two of us. We have both had weekends away separately, but this was our first overnight trip together, sans Little […]

How to Camp with a Baby


Pete and I took C camping recently, and we all survived.  We didn’t forget anything (unheard of), the weather was fantastic, we managed to hike 18 kilometres over three days, and most importantly, no one got eaten by a bear (although there was a bear trap set up two campsites away from us!) So now I […]

Can a House Have “Bad Energy”?


I was recently pulled into an Internet ghost-story vortex. It all started when I read an article about alleged murderer Luka Magnotta’s apartment, and how it was recently leased to an unsuspecting new tenant. I then read a huge number of commenter responses, many of which detailed readers’ own experiences living in or touring houses […]

Pity Party for an Anglophile


Pete has been travelling for work a lot lately.  It’s unfortunate that his business travelling has picked up now, since we have a toddler and I can’t easily tag along with him.  At his last job, he travelled overseas quite a bit, but when we met and he started working for a new company, there […]

A Parent’s Guide to the NICU


(N.B. This post is for parents who may spend a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks in the NICU with their babies as they recover and grow stronger. I don’t pretend to know what the NICU experience is like for parents of micro-preemies, and I would certainly never speak for them.) When […]

It Can Happen Here


I apologize that I’m publishing such a downer of a Valentine’s Day post, but I watched the video for One Billion Rising and felt compelled to comment on it.  But I’ll back up a bit. I’ve been volunteering for a local women’s shelter, My Friend’s House.  I serve on the Board of Directors (and several sub-committees) […]

A Cabin in the Woods…With a Five-Month-Old…In February


Last February, Pete convinced me to go on a cross-country ski excursion to a cabin in Quebec.  I say “convinced me” because I wasn’t ready, with a five-month-old, for a trip like that.  But looking back, I think it’s something I could do (with an older baby, of course) and I’m ready to share some […]

My Good Deed Went Unpunished


I’ve been struggling with this blog lately, for a few different reasons.  Firstly, the baby has been sick, she’s been teething, and I haven’t been getting much sleep or free time.  But more importantly, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want this blog to be. At first, I thought this would be a […]