Baking Weird ’70s Pudding with my Toddler


I was reading a blog post the other day about gross recipes from the ’50s (Jell-O and mayonnaise, together at last) that inspired me to whip out my favourite vintage cookbook. I stole Cookbook ’78 from my mother, because I felt she didn’t properly appreciate it. Check out the font: It actually has some really […]

A Year in Books


A few months ago, I posted about struggling to finish a book.  I used to be a voracious reader but I found, especially when C was an infant, that I had trouble fitting books into my schedule. I read a decent amount of books in 2011, mostly before I had C in August of that year.  Here’s 2011’s list: […]

This is Not a Banjo


Pete and I went to a concert on Friday night and something happened that I feel compelled to post about.  Partway through the show, the lead guitarist pulled out a banjo-guitar (or banjitar) and people lost their minds.  I heard a lot of gasps of joy.  I heard people all around saying “oooh, a banjo!” […]