My Horror Dilemma


I love Halloween, because dressing up is fun, of course.  But more importantly, I really, really love horror movies.  The problem I have is that my husband is *not* a fan of such things.  Too scary.  Plummeting down a mountain on a bicycle?  Not scary.  The trailer for Paranormal Activity II?  TOO SCARY.

The real issue here is that I can’t watch them when he’s around.  But when he’s away and I have the house (and DVD player) to myself, well, that is bad news.  My imagination runs away with me.  I don’t sleep.  I imagine ominous figures looming outside my sliding glass doors.  I hear bumps in the basement.  Did I leave that closet door slightly ajar?  Eeek.

And all this horror-movie-induced paranoia of mine is actually making the situation worse.  I have so many cinematically-based fears that I’ve reinforced his belief that scary movies are not a good idea.

Here is a partial list:

-basements (obviously)

-attics (of course)

-old-timey wheelchairs

-music boxes

-stick figures


-pale, serious children

That is only a small sample.  It would be longer if I included books (I could barely function after reading Zodiac).

It’s probably a good thing that Pete is preventing me from exposing myself to these things.  If only he could have stopped me from reading these:

Happy Halloween!