A Bike Post from the Bikeless

I thought that I should probably write something about biking, since this blog is entitled “Bike, Banjo and Baby” and I have written approximately zero posts about bikes.  However, I am currently bikeless, so a bike post is a bit difficult to conjure up at this juncture.

This is what a bicycle looks like, or so I’m told.

To solve this problem, I told Pete that he had to do some crazy stuff on his bike to provide me with some material for the blog.  I took this back almost immediately.  I need him able-bodied for parenting purposes.  He came home from downhill riding the other day with scrapes and scratches on his knees and stomach from “not falling off his bike.”  That’s about as exciting as I’d like his riding to get.

We are working on getting a new bike for me.  C is old enough to be towed behind us in her chariot now, so the pressure is on.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a bike that was bought just for me.  I inherited bikes from my sister, and usually those were well-used and/or ill-fitting.   I once inherited a bike from her after it had been stolen from our garage, taken to a nearby park, kicked around a bit and possibly set on fire.

So getting my very own, brand-new bike is very exciting.  I’ll be sure to post a photo once we actually pick it up from Pete’s friend’s bike shop in Toronto.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep blogging about trying to maintain some balance in our lives with a baby in tow.  This weekend, we’re heading to Algonquin Provincial Park to take C camping for the first time.  I spent my university summers working there, and I’m really excited to be bringing her there for the first time.  So excited, in fact, that I looked up some Algonquin Park videos on the Friends of Algonquin website.  They’re not quite as inspiring as the video shown every 12 minutes in the Visitor Centre, or as instructive as the Ministry of Natural Resources bear safety video (pro tip: yell “whoa bear!”), but they suited my purposes.

And now for a quick question: does anyone have any mountain bike recommendations for me?


6 thoughts on “A Bike Post from the Bikeless

  1. hi suzanne! i am SHOCKED that you do not have your own bike, being married to pete! when i was just dating ondrej it was a must-have! i remember him taking me to sweet petes to buy one, he was all about picking the right one for me, awwww! i got a red&black trek 3500 mountain bike. i really like it and its in great shape after all these years and many rides! ondrej put a bomber fork on it so it feels better going over the bumps! and Yes biking with your little one in the chariot is awesome 🙂 mind you, wait until you have baby#2, the double chariot is significantly heavier plus with both kids in it = mega workout! so my advice is to go with pete and trust him to pick you out the best one! maybe buy it at sweet pete’s because chris cousineau works there and its good to see friends & support that biz! have a great time camping! never been to algonquin yet, maybe next year 🙂

    • It is shocking, isn’t it?! In fairness to Pete, our first summer together we moved twice and planned a wedding, and last summer I was super pregnant. But the pressure is definitely on to get one soon. I’ve been going to lots of spin classes to get myself up to Pete-speed.
      Quick question: is your bike strictly a mountain bike? We were considering “hybrids” (I’m not sure if that’s what they’re called) rather than mountain bikes.
      We will definitely get it at Sweet Pete’s (I linked to their website in my post!).
      I am shocked that you and your boys haven’t been to Algonquin! You’ve been to Killarney a lot, haven’t you? I’m madly in love with Algonquin, and I’m sure you’d love it too. 🙂

  2. I just reunited myself with my bike after about 2 years. Turns out its true what they say – it is just like riding a bike. Tonight was bike ride number one no cuts or scrapes to report. Score!
    Have a great time in Algonquin. Lisa is headed there on Sunday so keep an eye out 😉 I tought her everything she needs to know which was learned from you “I’M A HUMAN! YOU’RE A BEAR!!!”

    • Oh, that’s good to hear! I’m glad riding a bike is just like riding a bike, because it’s been a loooong time.
      Where did Lisa go in Algonquin? We kept our eyes peeled but we didn’t bump into her. Was she with the Physicist? We were hoping he could explain the significance of the Higgs-Boson particle to us.
      I’m so glad the bear training stuck! We didn’t have to use it, although there was a bear trap set up two sites away from us.

  3. I laughed so much reading this. There were tears! So excited that you will get your very own first bike. I only have three at the moment, but feel the collection may soon grow to four. No- I don’t have a problem…with bikes. Running shoes on the other hand…

    I had always thought road biking would be so boring- until I tried it last year and now am totally hooked! My poor MTB has not gotten the attention it deserves as I spend all my time on my feet or on the skinny tires. I know you will love it and look forward to biking together one day. Or hey…maybe we can try a duathlon!

    • I have some exciting news in the bike department, but I’ll save it for a post.
      So do you have a road bike, a mountain bike and a commuter bike? Or a downhill bike? I’m thinking I would like a road bike someday but I think the next person here to get a bike will be little C.
      I felt the same way about road biking, but it’s huge here in Collingwood. I would imagine it would be amazing in Switzerland, with those views. Ahhh, the serenity.

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